Why we need zinc

Most people don’t have optimal levels of this critical nutrient. You might not be getting enough zinc, especially if you:

  • Are highly stressed. Stress and anxiety itself lowers zinc levels because the body rapidly uses up zinc in times of stress.
  • Are male. Men require more zinc, so do teenagers.
  • Eat a vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • Infrequently eat red meat and seafood.
  • Are very active (due to losses in sweat).
  • Have digestive issues.
  • Take (or have recently taken) an oral contraceptive pill.
  • Regularly consume alcohol.

The benefits of optimal levels of zinc include:

  • A robust immune system that allows you to fight off signs of colds or infections.
  • Hair health.
  • Strong, healthy nails.
  • Clear skin—supports skin structure and regeneration.
  • Optimal sex hormone health.
  • Support for reproductive system function/ fertility.
  • Maintenance of proper digestive function.
  • Exceptional eye health.
  • Support for your overall wellbeing.