Digestive Tune-Up Dosage Guide

The only things you can lose is a host of health problems and gain a healthy digestive system, which in turn will provide lots of health benefits.”

~ Debbie Dickson, Regul8 Founder 

The Digestive Tune-Up is done as a program, where you take the Cleanse, Restore and Maintain tablets all at the same time. Although commonly assumed that you would take Cleanse first, then Restore, and then Maintain ­– the combination of the three together is formulated to synergistically support each other in the restoration of a healthy digestive system and re-establishing the microbiome.

Cleanse doesn’t affect the good bacteria in the gut, only the bad stuff, and while we are cleansing, Restore is repairing and creating the right environment for the good bacteria to be able to thrive. We need to be repopulating the good bacteria with the Maintain, so it becomes like your army in the digestive system that prevents the bad bacteria from getting back in and overgrowing in the gut. So, the Digestive Tune-Up is a systematic approach. Restoring and rebalancing, nurturing the digestive system and replacing the good bacteria while bringing the microbiota back into perfect balance. You need healthy flora in your gut for a healthy digestive system and Regul8 provides the beneficial microflora in the gut a stable environment in which to grow and flourish, helping to regain and maintain optimal health.      

How to take the Digestive Tune-Up

There are a couple of ways to take the Digestive Tune-Up depending on your conditions and symptoms.

The basic dosage:

The basic dosage is for someone who has no digestive issues, health or skin problems but wants to detox and gain good gut health. 

  • First thing in the morning take: 1 x Cleanse, 1 x Restore, 1 x Maintain with warm water, we recommend adding a squeeze of lemon juice. 
  • 20 mins before lunch take: 1 x Cleanse, 1 x Restore, 1 x Maintain with warm water.
  • 20 mins before dinner take: 1 x Cleanse, 1 x Restore, 1 x Maintain with warm water.

Total daily dose: 9 capsules

It is recommended to do at least 2 boxes for optimal results. After completion of the program continue taking just Maintain and/or Restore. For optimal gut health do the Digestive Tune-Up every 3 months.

The intermediate dosage is as follows:

The next dosage is the most popular and is for those who have symptoms such as s, rashes, constipation, diarrhoea and other digestive problems, a lack of energy, poor immunity, or don’t sleep well.

  • Start on the basic dosage for 5 days and then increase the dose to 2 capsules of each Cleanse, Restore and Maintain 3 times a day.

Total daily dose: 18 capsules

It is recommended to do 3 to 4 boxes then to continue taking just Maintain and/or Restore. More boxes may be n pending gut health issues. Repeat every 3 months as needed. 

    What are the dietary recommendations?

    Preferably eliminate or reduce sugar, dairy, bread, pasta, all complex carbohydrates, and no pre-packaged GMO foods. Eat clean and fresh for the full impact of the detox.

    Breakfast ideas:

    • An omelette (no cheese)
    • Eggs any way with tomato and avocado (no toast)
    • Home-made juice: cabbage, celery, beetroot, green apple, and ginger
    • Kefir yoghurt with berries

    Lunch and dinner ideas:

    • Beef or chicken bone broth soups or stews
    • Chicken salad, with a spoon of kimchi
    • Chicken and veggies — sauerkraut is a great addition

     **Drink 2 to 3 litres of purified water per day.

    Contra indications

    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can only take Maintain, do not do the Digestive Tune-Up. People on warfarin or b medication should also not take Regul8 supplements. 

    Other medications

    Other medications should be taken 2 hours on either side of a herbal supplement. Therefore, you may need to adjust the timing of when you take Regul8, so it does not interfere with other m. For example, for the morning dose - take Regul8 2 hours after your normal medication.