Elouise-Victoria, Australia

I am 22 years old and for almost all my life I have battled numerous gut issues. Mostly stemming from dairy intake. 

In the last 3 years it has progressed quiet dramatically resulting in a constant bloat, an increase in candida not just in my stomach but for the first time in my life 2 years ago I got thrush too – just to make things worse. My health was on a downward spiral and fast, no matter what fad diets I tried, medication I was given or home remedies I tried – nothing was working. I was losing energy which was affecting my training and my work. Constantly calling in sick to work because I was passing food through way to quick and felt like my stomach was on fire or had flu like symptoms. At night I would struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep waking up in the night dripping sweat.

Late last year I attended a conference day in Sydney and despite feeling so lethargic and having a thumping headache I managed to listen to Debbie Dickson talk about a new gut cleansing system that was set to launch early 2017. I was so excited to try it.

In early Jan I went to Thailand and was speaking to a naturopath over there and she got me onto the famous “Candida Diet” in a hope to flush out any bacteria my gut was holding onto. So I gave it a go and I will admit that it helped but as soon as I re introduced all the things I had to cut out all my symptoms came back and my skin was starting to show the inflammation my gut was suffering. I was hating myself more than ever. Things had gotten so bad that I stopped going to gym because no matter how hard I worked out I still had a “fat gut”. I stopped letting my boyfriend of nearly 3 years see me naked and just felt awful. I had totally forgotten about all the amazing things spoken about regul8 and how I was going to give it a go. After speaking to someone who was taking the regul8 and suffering from leaky gut and how amazing they were feeling I decided it was time to give it a go!

3 days in I felt like absolute crap. I was so dizzy, sweaty and had the headache from hell! By day 5 my stomach was FLAT!!! For the first time in at least 6 years I had a flat stomach. I had more energy in the gym. Was able to push myself more with cardio (which is a weak point for me) and started feeling less fuzzy as the days went on. My skin cleared up and started to look brighter and I had my natural glow back! At the end of the first round of Digestive Tune-Up, my symptoms had reduced dramatically. I am now currently about to start my 4th batch of the program and looking forward to completely restoring my gut health. I know it isn’t going to be something that is fixed overnight but the results I got just after the first batch were so worth it!

To anyone with any gut problems or just wanting to boost their energy or overall wellbeing I highly recommend the Regul8 Digestive Tune- Up!