Natalie, Australia

Starting on Relax I knew eventually I would feel less stressed and anxious but I didn’t realise the extent of relief I would get.

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for 6 years now and have tried numerous medications and counselling to control the symptoms, neither of which have worked for me. I used to experience daily shaking/trembling, shortness of breath, dizziness, chronic fatigue, nervousness, mood swings and had an inability to concentrate and sleep at night among many other symptoms.

Now after taking nearly two bottles of Relax I rarely have any shaking, trembling or dizziness, rarely experience any mood swings and I’ve been getting in a solid 8 hours or more sleep at night. I have also noticed I have a lot more energy during the day and I just have mental clarity.

Anyone who knows me personally knows how long I’ve struggled with my symptoms so to find something that actually works has litterly been life changing and I’m sure it’s only just the beginning of how good I’ll feel!

Natalie - Australia