K-NSW, Australia

I have suffered with digestive problems for years i.e waking up bloated, feeling sluggish, and always tired. I was going to the bathroom every 3 days and in some cases once a week. I exercise daily and lead a healthy lifestyle most of the time, I have become aware of gluten and dairy responses in my body and know the consequences when I eat those foods.  When I came across Regul8 Digestive Tune-Up system, the first 2 days I felt nauseous, and I have experienced this before with previous gut detoxes. In the first 3 days of taking the Regul8 digestive system, I was getting regular bowel movements and I was becoming flatter in the stomach. After the first week, I noticed I was waking up flatter and not getting bloated and/or going to bed bloated. I was feeling more energised and nowhere near as tired.

I am also taking Relax to help me with sleep and stress and this is amazing!


I would feel lost without Regul8 and I’m so excited I found this system as it is easy, effective and I haven’t felt better!