Elizabeth, Victoria

Within a week of taking Regul8 my hubby and I were feeling flash! Carers at our childcare centre began commenting on how my husband looked. He had lost weight but was also looking fresh and revitalised, no longer puffy and tired. Within a week he had lost 5 kgs. He has likened his new found motivation and inspiration to the movie "Limitless".

Since taking Regul8’s Digestive Tune-Up and Relax our lives have changed enormously. We are motivated, excited, relaxed, and able to engage and execute our ideas and ambitions. 

My hubby has lost 7 kg, and I have lost 4 kgs. I am back to my weight well before having kids for the first time ever! We are back to being understanding and compassionate parents, relating to our kids and their needs and they are thriving.

We can't thank you enough for this creation and are so excited to see what the year ahead provides for us. Regul8, why wait to feel great!