Deslie-NSW, Australia

I am a 66 year old woman who has had many operations on my bowel and bladder and other internal operations.

I have had a lot of pain trying to use my bowels, sometimes going to the toilet 10x per day. I was not constipated; my bowel was just not emptying. It was so uncomfortable and painful. I felt as though I constantly needed to go to the toilet. I ached internally and felt ill, on many occasions my motion would flow out without any warning. SO EMBARRASSING! If and when I would go out, I always needed to know where the toilets were and plan accordingly. In February 2017 I started taking Regul8. Exactly one week to the day I could not believe I went to the toilet, had no pain and emptied a lot not just a small amount – an amazing result. Within an hour I needed to use my bowels once again.

I cannot remember being able to use my bowels so well; it has been such a long time. I felt relief and amazement! It may sound silly reading this, but when you have had a major issue internally  how great it is to feel normal. I am now regular and I feel great. No internal pain AT ALL. I now go out feeling confident and calm. Thank you for your wonderful product, the Regul8 Digestive Tune-Up. I will continue using it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!