6 Things That You Can Do Everyday To Feel better

Your daily routine can have an amazing impact on your health and wellbeing. Try these six tips to help you feel better every day.

1. Sound therapy

I know, I’m sure you are thinking, ‘’Does screaming around the house will make me feel better?’’ There’s a famous sound that if you ever did a yoga clyou might be familiar with ‘’Om’’ that’s right. ‘’Om’’, resonates on the 720hz of the scale sound of frequencies. A study from 2006, hypothesized that strong, prolonged humming increased endogenous nasal Nitric Oxide (NO) production, thus eliminating Chronic rhinosinusitis by antifungal means.NO is known to be broadly antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. (1)

2. Do things that you are passionate about

 An American study from 2010 showed your happiness will increase as your income rises, but only up to 75k. So a greater income is not associated with increased happiness, but doing what you are passionate about will make you feel more fulfilled, but also more productive. You will inspire others and that can lead to a higher level of success. Put a list together to understand your dreams, goals, and strengths.

3. Earthing (or grounding)

Grounding leads to many benefits, including better sleep and reduced pain. From walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body. A 2010 paper review supports the concept that grounding or earthing the human body may be an essential element in the health equation along with sunshine, clean air and water, nutritious food, and physical activity. (3)

4. Reduce exposure to negative content

Pull back from watching content that affects your energy. In general, be aware of how content makes you feel. Pull back from watching the news as it might have you feeling fear, anger, lower emotions. A good idea would be to sign up for a positive news channel.

5. Meditate

Try this simple meditation: stare at a candle flame. When the eyes focus on one spot it becomes very easy for your mind to calm down. Anytime your eyes lose focus, your eyes wonder, your mind wonders. So when you stare at one point, you breathe. Disengaged from your thoughts, you are not your thoughts. When you can observe your thoughts, you can see what they are, when you think you are your thoughts that’s when the pain kicks in, and when you are attached to your thoughts that’s when suffering comes in. When you disengage and let them go, you become free.

6. Gratitude

To start practising gratitude, write down 3 things everyday that you are grateful for. It will make you appreciate the little things even more.


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