Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide

In recent years, scientists have discovered a strong link between illness and inflammation, in fact so many chronic diseases are the results of inflammation and most inflammation begins in the gut. 

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can calm down inflammation in your digestive tract allowing you to absorb your nutrients better, improve your digestive function and your health in general.

The following are a guide, initially try and start with the 90/10 rule and once inflammation is under control ease back to 80/20. Minimising dairy, gluten, red meat, sugar and processed foods is key to getting inflammation under control.

Anti-Inflammatory foods to increase in your diet

Vegetables (Organic if possible)
Alfalfa Sprouts Lettuce
Artichoke Okra
Avocado Onion
Bok Choy Parsnip
Broccoli Radish
Carrots Sea Vegetables
Celery Seaweed/Kelp
Cucumber Snow Peas
Endive Turnip
Green Beans Watercress
Leek Zucchini


Fruits Spices
Apple Persimmon  Anise Marjoram
Apricot Pineapples Basil Oregano
Banana Plum Bay Leaf Parsley
Blueberries Prunes Cardamom Rosemary
Cherries Raspberries Celery Seed Saffron
Custard Fruit Strawberries Cinnamon Tarragon
Kiwi Cumin Thyme
Mango Dill Turmeric
Mulberries Dry Mustard
Paw Paw Fennel
Peaches Garlic
Pear Ginger


Nuts,Seeds, Oil Dressings Plant Proteins
Almond Adzuki Bean
Cashew Black Eyed Pea
Hazel Nut Broad Bean
Pecan Nut Chickpea
Pine Nut Kidney Bean
Pumpkin Seeds Lima Bean
Cold-pressed Olive-Oil Peas
Macadamia Oil Pinto Bean
Apple Cider Vinegar Turtle Bean


Fish Animal Protein
Garfish Organic chicken
Gem Organic lamb
Ling Wild kangaroo
Snapper Wild rabbit
Mackerel Wild quail
Perch Wild goat
Wild Barramundi
Wild Salmon
Wild Trout
All small, non-farmed fish


Unrefined Whole Grains
Quinoa (all colours)
Brown biodynamic rice
Brown rice breads, pastas, noodles and crackers
Wholegrain millet pastas and noodles
PBuckwheat grain, breads and pancakes


Anti-Inflammatory foods to exclude / minimise

Vegetables Fruits
Canned vegetables All citrus fruits
Nightshade Family Orange
Tomato Lemon
Potato Grapefruit
Capsicum Lime
Eggplant Grapes
Red, Green and Yellow Peppers Fruit drinks
Dried fruit


Nuts and Seeds Sweeteners
Peanuts White/brown sugar
Pistachios Honey
Peanut Butter Maple syrup
Corn syrup
Kidney Bean


Spices Miscellaneous
Cayenne pepper Vinegar
Chilli Soy sauce
Paprika Chocolate
Custard Fruit
Paw Paw


Meats Fats
Beef Margarines
Pork Butter
Processed meat Shortening/td>
Eggs Canola
Shellfish Sunflower
Smoked foods Grape seed
Canned fish Vegetable oil
Dill Mayonnaise
Dry Mustard


Grains Breads/cereals
Barley Barley
Corn Kamut
Kamut Oates
Oates Rye
Rye Spelt
Spelt Wheat


Dairy Beverages
Milk Sweetened drinks
Cheese Soft drinks
Cottage cream Alcohol/td>
Ice cream Coffee
Yoghurt Caffeinated tea
ozen yoghurt